Valid for Sitecore 6.5.0 and later

The documentation is available in PDF files. Click one of the following links to download the document:

  • SES Installation and Configuration Guide (PDF file)
    A4   US-Letter
    This document describes the configuration tasks that you need to carry out in the Content Editor when you implement an e-commerce solution. The Sitecore E-Commerce solution comes with example web shop pages. This cookbook demonstrates the functionality of the Sitecore E-Commerce solution in terms of how it is implemented in this sample site.
  • SES Quick Start Guide (PDF file)
    A4   US-Letter
    This document describes how to build a webshop using only the Sitecore E-Commerce Services (SES) core package. It is useful for website administrators and developers. The core package does not contain the example pages.
  • SES Cookbook (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    This manual describes how marketer’s and webshop managers can manage their product catalog and organize the way in which products are displayed in their webshop.
    The topics covered include managing your product catalog, creating and editing product categories, specifying how the products should be displayed in the webshop, tracking orders, managing campaigns, and analyzing the traffic on the webshop.
  • SES DMS Cookbook (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    This manual describes how marketers and webshop managers can utilize the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) in combination with E-Commerce Services to analyze the shopping behavior of customers and to assess the overall effectiveness of your e-commerce website with the aim of increasing ROI (return on investment).
    The topics covered include analyzing webshop traffic and visitor behavior using DMS reports, visitor profiling, setting goals, managing campaigns and creating visitor personalization.
  • SES Developer Cookbook (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    This document contains a technical overview of the Sitecore E-Commerce Services (SES). It also describes how to use the Unity application block to configure SES, the SES programming contracts, and includes instructions for configuring SES components.
    You can use Sitecore to manage multiple websites. You can configure SES to use different data stores for each managed website. For example, different managed websites can store product, order, and other business information in different locations in Sitecore, and in different external systems.
  • SES Payment Provider Guide (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    Online payment methods allow payments and money transfers to be made over the Internet. Payment portals are an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods of payment such as checks and money orders which have been involved in many cases of litigation concerning fraud.
    Sitecore E-Commerce Services can be integrated with several different online payment services. These services accept electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit cards, bank-based payments, such as direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking.
    Sitecore distributes a number of packages that contain payment providers. The payment provider packages contain the code and the Sitecore item you need to configure the payment options on your webshop that use the different online payment services.
  • SES Scaling Guide (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    This document describes how to run SES across multiple Sitecore instances.
  • SES Order Line Extension (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    In Sitecore E-Commerce Services, an "order line" represents a single product that is a part of an order. By default, an order line represents the basic information you would expect: product, quantity, price, and so on.
    Your project may require additional information be stored. For example, what if you allow customers to buy an extended warranty on a camera? When a customer buys the warranty, he is actually buying two items: a camera and a warranty. This becomes two separate order lines on the order, but there is a relationship between these two order lines.
    This document explains how to extend Sitecore E-Commerce Services (SES) order lines in order to support this sort of relationship. Specifically, this paper explains how to support product add-ons, such as extended warranties. But the process that is demonstrated is not limited to that use case.
    The source code for all the tasks described in this document is available at:
  • SES API Reference (PDF file)
    A4    US-Letter
    This guide describes the Sitecore E-Commerce Services (SES) API and some useful extensions to its functionality.
    It is useful for developers who are looking for information about the SES API. It gives the reader a description for the contract/class functionality, parent classes, implementation, important methods/properties and some sample code.

To learn about extending the pricing system in Sitecore E-Commerce Services, see the official Sitecore E-Commerce blog.