Valid for Sitecore 5.3
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All users are assigned the Everyone role.  Therefore, the features described in this section are available for all users.

1.  Application Shortcuts

All users have access to the following application shortcuts in the Desktop interface's Sitecore menu:

  • Content Editor
  • Media Library
  • WebEdit
  • Preview
  • Carousel
  • Recycle Bin
  • Search
  • Workbox
  • Control Panel

2.  Content Editor Commands

All users have access to the following Content Editor tabs, chunks, and commands:

  • Navigate
    • Navigate Chunk, all commands
    • Search Chunk, all commands
  • Review
    • Schedule Chunk, all commands
  • Versions
    • Versions Chunk, Versions command
    • Language Chunk, all commands
  • View
    • View Chunk, Content Tree and Entire Tree toggles

3.  Control Panel Commands

All users have access to the following Control Panel pages and commands:

  • Administration
    • Show About Sitecore Information
    • Show Installed Licenses on This System
  • Preferences
    • Change Your Desktop Background
    • Change Your Application Options
    • Change Your Password
    • Change Your Personal Information
    • Set Your Regional and Langauge Options
  • Reports
    • Scan the Database for Broken Links

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